Paul Lambert, Executive Creative Director

Wylie Co. names Paul Lambert new Executive Creative Director at Culver City headquarters.

Two time visual effects Oscar winner Paul Lambert joins cutting edge pre/post visualization and visual effects studio Wylie Co. in Culver City, California as their new ECD/visual effects supervisor. 

“I’m really excited about the future that we’re creating at Wylie Co., focusing on machine learning and AI uses in visual effects and building up a small studio to be a global contender in the industry. I really believe the future of visual effects is in artist lead companies that are agile and embrace emerging technologies. Exciting things are on the horizon.” -Paul Lambert

As an award winning supervisor who has contributed to the success of some of Hollywood’s biggest films, Paul Lambert brings a wealth of expertise to Wylie Co. Paul won back to back Oscars for his work on Blade Runner 2049 (2017) and First Man (2018). In 2019, director Denis Villeneuve approached Paul to helm the role of VFX supervisor for Dune (2021). During post production for the film, Paul brought on Wylie Co. and in-house supervisor Patrick Heinen to oversee a dedicated group of artists at the Legendary office in Burbank, California. The Wylie Co. team was charged with completing close to 500 post visualization shots for the evolving edit as well as completing 900 finished visual effects shots for the film.

Before joining Wylie Co. Paul spent 6 years as a staff visual effects supervisor for Vancouver based DNEG. In addition to his long list of achievements, he’s also the creator behind the IBK (Image Based Keyer) for Nuke Software, the industry standard for compositing and blue/green screen extraction.

“The work Wylie Co. provided on Dune was crucial to the success of the film and opened my eyes to the paradigm shift that’s happening with smaller, specialized visual effects houses. After many discussions with Wylie Co. founder Jacob Maymudes, I came to the conclusion that joining a small boutique aligned with my vision of the future and added more creative options for collaboration.” -Paul Lambert

Wylie Co. was founded in 2015 by veteran artist Jacob Maymudes. Originally named Rebellion VFX, the company has contributed to the following films & TV titles: Everest (2015), All I See Is You (2016), Sky Hunter (2017), Terminator: Dark Fate (2019), Beastie Boys Story (2020), Music (2021), Dune (2021), and The Stand (2021). Wylie Co. is currently in production on several projects for Disney and Marvel. 

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