Jacob Maymudes

About our founder

Jacob Maymudes founded Wylie Visual Effects in 2015, at its inception the company was named Rebellion and in 2019 the company name was changed to Wylie VFX. Jacob is a career visual effects artist and supervisor. Having started his professional career at Industrial Light & Magic in 2002, he migrated from the Bay Area to Los Angeles in 2005. Once in Los Angeles he spent a year working for Sony Imageworks on Spider Man before finding a home at Digital Domain for 4 years where he was promoted to lead compositor and worked tirelessly on films like; The Curious Case Of Benjamin Buttons, Tron Legacy, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and X-Men First Class to name a few.

In 2011 Jacob left Digital Domain to join The Mill in Los Angeles as a visual effects supervisor. At the Mill Jacob excelled and supervised the creation of 100s of high profile commercial projects. During his tenure at the Mill he took a sabbatical and traveled to Iceland to temporarily helm the role of compositing supervisor for FrameStore on the film Two Guns, at the end of production returning to the Mill.

In 2012 Jacob wrote a Los Angeles Times best selling biography titled, “Another Side Of Bob Dylan.” A story about Jacob’s relationship with his father and his father’s relationship with Bob Dylan. More information about the book is available here: https://us.macmillan.com/books/9781250075628

When Jacob departed the Mill in 2015 his intentions were to focus on feature film & television visual effects. He was offered the role of client side VFX supervisor on Airplane Mode and Wylie VFX took on the 500 vfx shots needed for film. Since 2015 Wylie VFX has created visual effects for some of the largest films in Hollywood; Everest, All I See Is You, Sky Hunter, Airplane Mode, Terminator Dark Fate, Beastie Boys Story, Music, Dune and The Stand Tv Series make up some of their recent credit list.

Jacob & Wylie VFX created Vislab & Wylie Cam, two powerful apps for iOS & Android devices that enable users to create previsualization animation on the fly with mobile devices. More information about this powerful tools can be found here: https://www.3dcameracontrol.com/

In 2021 Eizo asked Jacob to become a brand ambassador for their post production line of monitors.